My dear older cousin Raisha transitioned to the other side (or what we call died) several years ago.  She grew up in the states, and then moved to Israel where she met, married and raised a family with her husband, Froike.  After his early passing, she continued living on the kibbutz, with her children and grandchildren.  She worked as a social worker and met a new love named Abe.  They had many sweet and happy years together before his passing.  Raisha was a wonderful person to talk to.  I always treasured and asked for her wise advice.

When she was dying of lung cancer, she said she didn’t understand why she had to go through so much pain.

 I woke up this morning to a pop-up picture of her on my IPad, and I felt a connection, so decided to record the essence of my conversation with her.

 I asked her some questions and then listened for the answers.  I think that many of you will enjoy reading about what it’s like to be in what we call heaven.

Sandy:  So, how is it there?

Raisha:  It’s the same in a lot of ways, but also different.

I feel the same, but there is no pain or fear or jealousy, only love and a lot of joy.  I feel complete and connected to everything.  I think I had to go through all that physical pain to help me release my body.  Otherwise, I might have held on for longer, especially for my grandchildren. But they help you understand things more clearly here.  My mission was over, and I had a lot of pulls from this side, especially  from Froike and Abe.  They were both here to greet me.  It wasn’t weird.  There was only love.


Sandy:  Do you miss us?

Raisha:  No, there is no longing or emptiness or loneliness here.  And I can look in and visit and be with any of you whenever I want.  I have free will.  I just have to think of what I want, and it happens immediately.  It is the same for you, it just happens at a slower pace so it’s hard for you to see.

Realize that your thoughts and words are creating your own futures. I wished I had remembered that more when I was alive.  People have so much more power than they realize. 

Think about what you want!  Not what you don’t want!


Sandy:  Thanks for the reminder, Raisha, and also for all the guidance you’ve given me through the years as my older, wiser cousin.  I really appreciate your input.  It has helped me a lot.  Though I have to admit that I still miss you!

Sandy:  When you look in on the conflict in Israel, and you see your family’s involvement in the terrible war with Hamas, what do you think?  How do you feel?  What is it like to witness that from the other side?

Raisha:  There is a softness that comes from being able to see the whole picture.  Once you understand that there is no ending, the fear disappears.  So much of our human pain was from fear.  I now know that each of my children and grandchildren are living out their own scripts.  They are playing the roles they need to play in order to learn their own lessons.  In some ways they chose it all, no matter how painful it appears to be.  When you are able to see how things work out, it’s much easier to understand.


Sandy:  Thanks Raisha.  I am thinking of you with love.


Have you ever noticed that you see more of what you are thinking about and concentrating on?   When we were considering replacing our backyard fence, all of a sudden we started seeing fences everywhere.  When we took walks, we noticed our neighbor’s fences that we had never really seen or paid attention to before.  They were always there, however now our attention was drawn to them.

When we watch cable movies, or a series, suddenly there are more of the same types of movies to choose from.  Especially if we choose to rate our experience, there is a computerized program, to give us more of what we like.

Have you ever been streaming music, and after giving a thumbs up, you then have more of the same kind of  music presented to you? 

I have been using a piano app that listens, gives feed back and then suggests your next songs based on whatever you have been playing.  I kept playing La Bamba, over and over and now, suddenly, all my next suggestions are Spanish music!

This seems so wonderful, and convenient however suppose you are getting your news from social media ; the artificial intelligence programing gives you more of the same information .  Social media artificial intelligence controls more of what you get. Especially if you choose to like what you see.  This customizes your experience .  For instance, if you like animal videos, that is what you will get more of.

But is exposing ourselves only to what we want to hear really in our best interest?   Do we wish to continuously bombard ourselves with what we want to hear, or can we open-mindedly expose ourselves to a variety of views and come up with our own opinions.

In addition, video and audio clips are now easily changed and manipulated to simulate our voices and images.   Because of this, we literally cannot believe or rely on audio or video clips to be  truthful reality.   These potential scenarios can create a lot of trepidation, however we have been living very comfortably with artificial intelligence for many years.  We take our computerized household appliances and cars and phones and shopping search engines for granted.  We have come to rely on all the medical advances, and we get agitated when our convenient devices slow down or stop working.

When automobiles were first invented, people were constantly running into each other until regulations were created.

  At this point, I think we could welcome some safety regulations regarding AI.

  I am hopeful that we can get to the place where artificial intelligence can be used for the best of all concerned, so that we can benefit from all the amazing opportunities that it offers.


The other day I was helping out a neighbor who had just had a very involved dental procedure.  Somehow his body had grown a fourth molar which is one beyond the usual wisdom tooth.  My job was simply to babysit his dog so that he could get some needed rest after the surgery.

However, when I came to pick up the dog, the neighbor was pacing in excruciating agony.  The pain was so severe that he just couldn’t settle.  He hadn’t opted for the heavy duty narcotics, thinking he could use the middle range pain killers, but the pain was more than he could bear.  When he lamented that he couldn’t get through to his doctor, I offered that  in the mean time, as he kept trying to get through, I could try some energy pain relief measures, if  he wanted.  I explained that I could hold points that are similar to the points that are used in acupuncture  for pain relief.  I left with the dog and told him to call me if he wanted to give it a try.

 Five minutes after I got home, he called me back saying, “I’LL TRY ANYTHING !  Since every tooth is related to a specific meridian, I grabbed my tooth chart and a homeopathic remedy called Arnica before heading back to his house.  Arnica is used after trauma, or surgery. It can help with pain and bruising.

Note:  Because homeopathic remedies work on an energetic level, they are composed of highly diluted, usually undetectable amounts  of the original substance and they are generally considered safe to take in most circumstances.  I have personally used arnica after surgery with excellent results, and by diluting the pellets in a particular way, you can increase their safety as well as their effectiveness.

The first thing I did was mix a few pellets of homeopathic arnica in a glass of filtered water, and had him sit down and take sips as I tried to figure out which meridian to sedate.  Unfortunately my chart didn’t show  a fourth molar, so I decided to go with working on the energy pathway associated with the third molar, which was  the kidney meridian.  With pain, often the energy is stuck, and by holding specific points, relief can be accomplished.  I explained that that the points I would be using were on his feet, so we got his feet propped up and I got situated in a chair as I held the appropriate points.  At the same time, I used Silva meditative techniques to calm myself, and then used distance healing techniques to increase my healing intentions.  After holding the points , I worked in his field, (or with his aura) which is the energy surrounding his body.  I used crossover techniques and a pain relieving vortex clearing  technique near the painful area of his face.  I ended with waving eights near the painful area and then all around his body. Eights  can be very helpful all on their own.

When I was ready to leave, he reported that although he still had the pain, he felt very relaxed.  I told him that it will keep working so that’s a start.  He fell asleep after I left and several hours later he called me to say, “ It’s a miracle! I just woke up and THE PAIN IS GONE!” A few hours after that I saw him out mowing his lawn!

This neighbor is not someone who would ever believe in something that he couldn’t experience with the usual five senses and he could easily have been described as extremely skeptical.  People who know him agree, we had TWO miracles that day.  The first was that the wonderful Eden Energy techniques were effective, and the second miracle was that he let me try them on him!

If you would like to learn more about balancing your own energies, see PART FOUR of my book, Empath is not a Four-letter word.

 If you interested in distance healing, please return to my blog page and scroll down to my November 2022 article where  I explain the correct way as well as THE WRONG WAY TO DO DISTANCE HEALING.

 And if you would like to read more about the Silva meditative techniques, see chapter 38 in my book, Empath is not a Four-Letter Word.

Transitioning from parent to grandparent, Let the show run

For Twenty five years, I wrote and directed original musicals for young children.  I created a theatre program in an alternative school and had a cast of 200 children ages two years through middle school.  Because I wrote the shows, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to create and because I also incorporated the children’s ideas and dreams, I often ended up with a very different end product than the original creative idea.  However, during rehearsals my style was to interrupt and guide and correct.  “Speak slowly, clearly and over pronounce your words” was my mantra.    Move this way, sing that way, try expressing emotions this way.  I gave notes on the spot, correcting and guiding as we went.  However, I remember very clearly one show night, the kids were entering and not remembering how to center themselves correctly.  My director hat went on and I jumped out of my seat, and I started guiding them into their proper places. My assistant director calmly grabbed my arm and encouraged me to sit down.  She helped me see that for better or for worse, the show was running, and I had taught them everything I could, but for that moment, I had to sit down quietly, take a breath and let the show run.

It has taking me quite a while to realize that grand parenting is very much like this.  You teach your kids everything you can.  Do this, not that.  You correct and judge and tell them to wash their hands and be quiet, and wear their seatbelts and teach them to be nice and show them an easier way to do things.

As parents it’s your job to keep them safe and keep them honest, and keep them happy and healthy.  You tell them what to do and when to do it.  Go to bed, brush your teeth, finish your homework, help with the dishes, be nice, eat this not that, check your mirrors when you drive.  And then suddenly, they leave home, they go off to school and jobs and their own lives and their own relationships and their own homes and cars and businesses and kids.  Suddenly you are in a very different position.  You still want to protect them and help them  to not make the same mistakes that you fumbled through.  You try to warn them, there’s a hole there in front of you!  Be careful, please!  I fell in that hole!  There it is- I see you heading for it, PLEASE LISTEN!  But your warnings fall on deaf ears.  They won’t listen.  They get mad if you try to bring up any advice.  They want to feel as if they can handle everything without you.  And just like the hysterical mother bird who’s fledgling just jumped out of the nest and can barely  fly, you hover and still try to guide them to a safer place.  You still try to feed them and protect them.

During each stage of parenting, I grew as I learned one thing after another about raising children, and now after all those lessons learned wouldn’t it be grand if someone was interested in what I had to say!  Some species of baby birds  may leave the nest only two weeks after hatching, however they rely on their parents to feed and guide them for up to two months!  And  research now indicates that the human brain does not fully develop until age 25 !  Yes, it would make us grandparents feel needed and respected  to be asked for advice, but as  Betty White voiced in the title of one of  her famous books, “If you ask me, ..and of course you won’t .”

Shortly after my son left home, he said, “ Mom, I want you to know that you were a really good Mom, you did everything  right, but now you’re done.”
 “ What in the world are you talking about? “was my response.
“You’re finished” was his reply.  (Meaning it was time for him to run his own life.)

I understand now what he was trying to say to me, but back then all I could say was something like, “ I will never be finished, I will always be your mother and you will always be my son.  It doesn’t matter how old you are.”

But now I understand,  I did do everything I could to be a good mother and now he is a parent and it is his turn at the wheel.  Just like when I was directing, once the show started, I had to sit back quietly, take a deep breath and let the show run.

And now,  though I might want to guide and direct and give advice about my grandchildren, I have to take a breath,  and even though it is excruciatingly difficult, I have to sit back quietly and  let the show run.


My grandparents spoke a language called Yiddish.  It is a combination of German, Hebrew, and their local Belarusian- Lithuanian dialects.  Today it is considered to be an endangered language because according to Wikipedia:

Eighty-five percent of the approximately six million Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust were Yiddish speakers, leading to a massive decline in the use of the language.

I often wish that I was more fluent in Yiddish, because there is an expressive use of words in that language, that we don’t have in the English language.  We often find ourselves awkwardly trying to translate such emotionally rich expressions.  In this article I am going to to give you a few examples.  The first word is  spilkes. This translates as “ants in your pants” which is another way of saying that a person is extremely restless and they can’t settle down and they can’t sit still.  Saying that a person has spilkes is  so much more expressive than saying they can’t sit still.

The second word is mishigas or mishigahsa , and that is what I would like to discuss in this article.

Mishigas  roughly translates as a superstitious type belief that an individual strongly believes to be true.

For instance,  if someone believes strongly that walking under a ladder or breaking a mirror, or stepping on a crack in the sidewalk,  or Friday the thirteenth will bring them bad luck, then that could be considered to be their mishigas.  This also applies to that lucky hat. Remember Dumbo’s lucky feather.  In the Disney classic, he believed that he needed that feather In order to fly, when in fact, the power was actually coming from within himself and his strong beliefs.

My question to you is: what is YOUR mishigas?

It is worth taking a look at what you absolutely believe to be true .

 But for goodness sakes, do not ever insinuate anyone’s  beliefs or customs are superstitious or mishigas!  This is a recipe for disaster.  Because it is in their strong belief in their own private mishigas that gives it power.  The strong conviction, dedication and repetition can create their own placebo effect and manifestation.  Never would we want to destroy the amazing power that can be created.  And if you are in the middle of a group of believers and you declare that their convictions are merely superstition, you will be labeled as a nonbeliever and quickly shut down and shut out because we never want to disrespect or disrupt anyone else’s strong beliefs.  When someone believes something with all their heart, they do not want to be confused with the facts. This is something that no one can argue anyone out of, so save your effort and breath.

 It is very easy to get wrapped up or overly involved in other people’s strong beliefs.  My point is that sometimes it can be helpful to step back and reevaluate what is relevant for you.  Often we have to find our own way energetically.  It’s important to not put anyone else’s inner guidance above your own.  Be your own guru.  Listen to the wise one inside.  Regarding this topic, I would like to share with you another excerpt from  my book, “Empath is Not a Four-Letter Word”.

Be Your Own Guru

 I have had the privilege of knowing many amazing teachers, however, the ones who are the most admirable were the ones who taught me to rely on myself, not on them. Please take my advice, and do not give away your power. Put no other person up on a pedestal.

Everyone has strengths and flaws. No one can tell you how to live your life better than your own wise inner guide. Respect and learn from your teachers and elders. Learn from their lessons, but do not follow blindly.

I have learned that even the most acclaimed psychic forecasters are still plagued by at least a 2 percent garbage ratio. That means that most of the time, their intuitions are right on, but occasionally, they are getting garbage. The problem is that there is no way to know when that little bit of garbage is popping up.

This keeps us guessing, for if we knew everything for complete certainty, perhaps we wouldn’t live our lives fully. The important thing to remember is that no matter how powerful, famous, or amazing another person may be, always let yourself have the final word. It is your life, and no one knows how to live it better than you.

We were all  born with a very complicated bio computer called our brains, however few of us received the operations manual.  If you would like more life hacks, check out my handbook in  Part Two of my book. It offers basic guidelines in regard to proper use and maintenance of your brain and it is my best advice on how to have a happy life.

Making your dreams come true

These days you often hear people talking about manifesting their heart’s desires.  Regarding this topic, I would like to share with you an excerpt from  my book, “Empath is Not a Four-Letter Word”.

Concentrate on What You Want!

Concentrate on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Worry is a complete waste of time and effort. Going over and over all the possible things that could go wrong, and then imagining a dreadful future, is counterproductive.

There is power in your thoughts. Whatever you focus on increases in your life, so learn to turn the page or change the channel so that you can dream good thoughts, not nightmares.

Use centering strategies. Also, getting out in nature can really help you change your focus for the better.

We were all  born with a very complicated bio computer called our brains, however few of us received the operations manual.

If you would like more life hacks, check out my handbook in  Part Two of my book.  It offers basic guidelines in regard to proper use and maintenance of your brain and it is my best advice on how to have a happy life.

Connecting with the trees

If you are someone who loves trees and you have the desire to connect more deeply with them, I invite you to try a fun experiment.  I learned this little game from Donna Eden.

Whenever you are walking  outside, simply notice the trees around you.  Look at each one as if you are scanning.   As your gaze shifts from one tree to another, see if you can feel the one that makes you smile.  Is there one that attracts you more than another?

Stop for a minute and give it your full attention .  Take in the image of the entire tree.  As you breathe in see if you can feel the energy of the tree coming into you.  As you breathe out send loving appreciation to the tree. To me it feels as if certain trees reach out and I can feel such beautiful energy, almost like an energetic hug. 

Even on a familiar walk, the tree or trees that energetically jump out changes from day to day.  Donna said she loves seeing which trees will “get her”each day.

I especially love doing this in winter, when it feels to me as if the trees have pulled in their core energy and their bare branches are so beautiful against the sky.  The more I play this game, the easier it is for me to feel the energy.

Sometimes when I forget to notice the trees, they start playing with me to remind me.

I am wondering,  are Donna and I the only ones who can  play this game, or can others?  Do you have to be especially empathetic toward trees?  Can only kinesthetic people experience this or do other sensory types get their connection in a different way?  If you would like to take part in this completely unscientific experiment, please send your results and thoughts by responding.

Thanks for your interest in this article.  I would love to hear about your experiences.  I especially love answering any questions that come up.  And if you are curious about how I became aware that I was an empath,

Check out my book, “Empath is NOT a four-letter word”.

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Sending many blessings.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Sandy

Have you ever wondered what advice one of your teachers would give you from the other side?

After a beloved Eden Energy Medicine teacher passed from COVID complications, I was completely surprised and puzzled by the message I got from him. His name was Rand, and he asked me to share his message with the community.

Rand had the most loving energy, so it was very easy for me to tune into his vibration.  His first response was to say how very sorry he was that he couldn’t have given more.  This totally shocked me, because he was such a loving, giving person.  Just being in his presence was a gift.  As a teacher, he had a way of really explaining concepts in such an understandable way.  He just wanted to get the message out to the entire tribe, to just keep giving as much as you can in any way that you can.   This really puzzled me.  Hadn’t he given enough?  Why was this his message?  Wasn’t he the epitome of an earth element who lovingly  gives and gives.  I thought back to a time when he didn’t have time to do a private session.  I certainly understood his time constraints.  Or was this somehow a message for me.  I feel as if my book is my way of giving.  When I feel shy about promoting, perhaps I need to remember his advice and push on.  Or did this have something to do with life review, where you could feel your whole life accomplishments through the feelings of all those you have  affected.  Perhaps in those moments, one really feels all the wonderful ways in which they have touched others.  Every loving thing that you have done comes flooding back to you.  That could  certainly be Heaven!

I know that some of my readers will not believe that there even is an afterlife, much less buy into the fact that anyone could communicate with those on the other side, and this is fine with me.  I always want you to question.  A wise teacher once told me that with even the most gifted psychic or medium, there was always a two percent possibility that what they were getting was pure garbage.  No one could ever be one hundred percent certain.

With that being said, to all those who can hear,  I just want to honor Rand’s  request to get his message out to the community: “Give as much as you can, and after that keep on giving.”


Thanks for your interest in this article.  I would like to hear what you think.  I especially love answering any questions that come up.  And if you are curious about how I became able to communicate with the other side, check out my book, “Empath is NOT a four-letter word”.  Also, please subscribe to my newsletter if you would like to read new blog posts as they are created.

Why is the book called “Empath is Not a Four-Letter Word “?

Thanks Kris for submitting this question :

Dear Sandy,
Your book looks fascinating.  As a fellow empath, who also works with beautiful sensitive souls, I would love to read your book.  I will buy a copy.

But I have a question.  What is the four-letter word you are referring to?  💕 Kris

Dear Kris,
Thanks so much for your interest.  Many people are curious about this.  Your awesome question gives me the opportunity to explain the title:

A lot of curse words are four-letter words, so the title is another way to say that being an empath doesn’t have to be a curse or something horrible to deal with.   People who are not empaths have told me that they think it is a stupid name for a book, however, the sensitive empaths love the title because they understand that picking up on every little thing can feel like a curse.  My Intention for the book is to help the sensitive ones begin to turn their sensitivities into the superpowers that they are.  

         Another little trick is that it has two meanings.  It makes some people stop and question and start counting the numbers of letters in the actual word.  That questioning and confusion can open up some people’s minds to becoming more open  to new ideas.  It also accomplishes the goal of making people stop and think about what the book might be about.

         And the real reason I chose this title over a few others was that it came to me very clearly from the same guidance that I listened to as I wrote the entire book. 


Thanks for your interest in this article.  If you have questions or comments about the book or this article, I look forward to hearing from you.💖✨🤗

The Wrong Way to do Distance Healing

One of my closest friends used to say, “There is a right way, a wrong way, and then there is Sandy’s way”.  She said that because I always seem to find my own creative way of approaching things.  However, when it comes to sending distant healing to someone, if you are sensitive, I have come to realize that there really is a wrong way.  I have come to this conclusion after literally taking on other’s physical symptoms.  That is the reason I offer these suggestions to you.

 It is actually quite simple.  It is important to direct the loving energy or prayers away from yourself as you attempt to aid another person.

 There are many ways to do this:

  • In the Silva technique, we are taught to imagine that the person is in front of you as if on a screen or a stage.  You imagine a tube that is the outline of a person’s body.  As your person steps backwards into the tube, you direct healing light into them.  We also are taught afterwards to visualize them in their healthiest, happiest form.  Always in this system we know that everything we do is for the best of all concerned.
  • Donna Eden suggests another safe way is sitting on the ground, and imagine sending healing love and light to the person through the earth.  You can imagine plugging into the earth with your hands.
  • Esther Hicks who channels nonphysical teachings suggests giving the problem to a higher power.  You may call it G-d, the universe, your special angels or guides.  You call upon your helpers or the universe and you say,” I would like YOU to take care of this.”Then you stop worrying and know that it is done.
  • Some of my Eden Medicine teachers imagine that the person is on their treatment table, and proceed as if they had a regular client.
  • Matty King in her energy medicine for healing animals class, suggested we imagine shrinking our pet or loved one so that they are so small that you can imagine holding them in the palm of your hand, and then sending them healing light.
  • If you are an experience Eden Energy Practitioner, you may wish to use the method Donna Eden taught us. This involves imagining the diamond inlay beyond your assemblage point.  From there she showed us how to safely send the diamond energy to another person.

The important thing is to NOT imagine taking the person into your own body.  Sometimes when we care so deeply about someone, we may want to beat OUR  hearts for them or breathe FOR  them.

I strongly recommend that you NOT do this.  Those of us who are sensitive may too easily take on other’s issues, and this does nothing to alleviate their problems.  It just creates more confusion and suffering .


Please do not become frightened or alarmed if you do inadvertently take on other people’s energetic or physical symptoms.  It can be very temporary.  In my book in chapter four, I offer my favorite strategies on this topic.  In this article, I am merely  suggesting that you not consciously try to take on another’s problems.