The Wrong Way to do Distance Healing

One of my closest friends used to say, “There is a right way, a wrong way, and then there is Sandy’s way”.  She said that because I always seem to find my own creative way of approaching things.  However, when it comes to sending distant healing to someone, if you are sensitive, I have come to realize that there really is a wrong way.  I have come to this conclusion after literally taking on other’s physical symptoms.  That is the reason I offer these suggestions to you.

 It is actually quite simple.  It is important to direct the loving energy or prayers away from yourself as you attempt to aid another person.

 There are many ways to do this:

  • In the Silva technique, we are taught to imagine that the person is in front of you as if on a screen or a stage.  You imagine a tube that is the outline of a person’s body.  As your person steps backwards into the tube, you direct healing light into them.  We also are taught afterwards to visualize them in their healthiest, happiest form.  Always in this system we know that everything we do is for the best of all concerned.
  • Donna Eden suggests another safe way is sitting on the ground, and imagine sending healing love and light to the person through the earth.  You can imagine plugging into the earth with your hands.
  • Esther Hicks who channels nonphysical teachings suggests giving the problem to a higher power.  You may call it G-d, the universe, your special angels or guides.  You call upon your helpers or the universe and you say,” I would like YOU to take care of this.”Then you stop worrying and know that it is done.
  • Some of my Eden Medicine teachers imagine that the person is on their treatment table, and proceed as if they had a regular client.
  • Matty King in her energy medicine for healing animals class, suggested we imagine shrinking our pet or loved one so that they are so small that you can imagine holding them in the palm of your hand, and then sending them healing light.
  • If you are an experience Eden Energy Practitioner, you may wish to use the method Donna Eden taught us. This involves imagining the diamond inlay beyond your assemblage point.  From there she showed us how to safely send the diamond energy to another person.

The important thing is to NOT imagine taking the person into your own body.  Sometimes when we care so deeply about someone, we may want to beat OUR  hearts for them or breathe FOR  them.

I strongly recommend that you NOT do this.  Those of us who are sensitive may too easily take on other’s issues, and this does nothing to alleviate their problems.  It just creates more confusion and suffering .


Please do not become frightened or alarmed if you do inadvertently take on other people’s energetic or physical symptoms.  It can be very temporary.  In my book in chapter four, I offer my favorite strategies on this topic.  In this article, I am merely  suggesting that you not consciously try to take on another’s problems.

2 Comments on “The Wrong Way to do Distance Healing”

  1. I like your summaries of possibilities. I had been starting with a focus of divine grace in my heart then connecting through white light to divine grace in their heart, then visualizing that white light spreading thru their whole body. Got great results for them but am re-evaluating if it is a good method for me. Maybe I’ll switch it up to have that energy start with divine earth like Donna suggests??

  2. Dear Pat,
    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. I am happy that you are open to trying something new. Let us know how it goes.

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