Why is the book called “Empath is Not a Four-Letter Word “?

Thanks Kris for submitting this question :

Dear Sandy,
Your book looks fascinating.  As a fellow empath, who also works with beautiful sensitive souls, I would love to read your book.  I will buy a copy.

But I have a question.  What is the four-letter word you are referring to?  💕 Kris

Dear Kris,
Thanks so much for your interest.  Many people are curious about this.  Your awesome question gives me the opportunity to explain the title:

A lot of curse words are four-letter words, so the title is another way to say that being an empath doesn’t have to be a curse or something horrible to deal with.   People who are not empaths have told me that they think it is a stupid name for a book, however, the sensitive empaths love the title because they understand that picking up on every little thing can feel like a curse.  My Intention for the book is to help the sensitive ones begin to turn their sensitivities into the superpowers that they are.  

         Another little trick is that it has two meanings.  It makes some people stop and question and start counting the numbers of letters in the actual word.  That questioning and confusion can open up some people’s minds to becoming more open  to new ideas.  It also accomplishes the goal of making people stop and think about what the book might be about.

         And the real reason I chose this title over a few others was that it came to me very clearly from the same guidance that I listened to as I wrote the entire book. 


Thanks for your interest in this article.  If you have questions or comments about the book or this article, I look forward to hearing from you.💖✨🤗

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