Have you ever wondered what advice one of your teachers would give you from the other side?

After a beloved Eden Energy Medicine teacher passed from COVID complications, I was completely surprised and puzzled by the message I got from him. His name was Rand, and he asked me to share his message with the community.

Rand had the most loving energy, so it was very easy for me to tune into his vibration.  His first response was to say how very sorry he was that he couldn’t have given more.  This totally shocked me, because he was such a loving, giving person.  Just being in his presence was a gift.  As a teacher, he had a way of really explaining concepts in such an understandable way.  He just wanted to get the message out to the entire tribe, to just keep giving as much as you can in any way that you can.   This really puzzled me.  Hadn’t he given enough?  Why was this his message?  Wasn’t he the epitome of an earth element who lovingly  gives and gives.  I thought back to a time when he didn’t have time to do a private session.  I certainly understood his time constraints.  Or was this somehow a message for me.  I feel as if my book is my way of giving.  When I feel shy about promoting, perhaps I need to remember his advice and push on.  Or did this have something to do with life review, where you could feel your whole life accomplishments through the feelings of all those you have  affected.  Perhaps in those moments, one really feels all the wonderful ways in which they have touched others.  Every loving thing that you have done comes flooding back to you.  That could  certainly be Heaven!

I know that some of my readers will not believe that there even is an afterlife, much less buy into the fact that anyone could communicate with those on the other side, and this is fine with me.  I always want you to question.  A wise teacher once told me that with even the most gifted psychic or medium, there was always a two percent possibility that what they were getting was pure garbage.  No one could ever be one hundred percent certain.

With that being said, to all those who can hear,  I just want to honor Rand’s  request to get his message out to the community: “Give as much as you can, and after that keep on giving.”


Thanks for your interest in this article.  I would like to hear what you think.  I especially love answering any questions that come up.  And if you are curious about how I became able to communicate with the other side, check out my book, “Empath is NOT a four-letter word”.  Also, please subscribe to my newsletter if you would like to read new blog posts as they are created.

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    • Thank you Cathy for taking the time to read and respond.
      Because I had a lot of ambivalence about this one, it took me a while to build up the courage to post it. I really appreciate your positive feedback.🤗✨💖👍

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