My dear older cousin Raisha transitioned to the other side (or what we call died) several years ago.  She grew up in the states, and then moved to Israel where she met, married and raised a family with her husband, Froike.  After his early passing, she continued living on the kibbutz, with her children and grandchildren.  She worked as a social worker and met a new love named Abe.  They had many sweet and happy years together before his passing.  Raisha was a wonderful person to talk to.  I always treasured and asked for her wise advice.

When she was dying of lung cancer, she said she didn’t understand why she had to go through so much pain.

 I woke up this morning to a pop-up picture of her on my IPad, and I felt a connection, so decided to record the essence of my conversation with her.

 I asked her some questions and then listened for the answers.  I think that many of you will enjoy reading about what it’s like to be in what we call heaven.

Sandy:  So, how is it there?

Raisha:  It’s the same in a lot of ways, but also different.

I feel the same, but there is no pain or fear or jealousy, only love and a lot of joy.  I feel complete and connected to everything.  I think I had to go through all that physical pain to help me release my body.  Otherwise, I might have held on for longer, especially for my grandchildren. But they help you understand things more clearly here.  My mission was over, and I had a lot of pulls from this side, especially  from Froike and Abe.  They were both here to greet me.  It wasn’t weird.  There was only love.


Sandy:  Do you miss us?

Raisha:  No, there is no longing or emptiness or loneliness here.  And I can look in and visit and be with any of you whenever I want.  I have free will.  I just have to think of what I want, and it happens immediately.  It is the same for you, it just happens at a slower pace so it’s hard for you to see.

Realize that your thoughts and words are creating your own futures. I wished I had remembered that more when I was alive.  People have so much more power than they realize. 

Think about what you want!  Not what you don’t want!


Sandy:  Thanks for the reminder, Raisha, and also for all the guidance you’ve given me through the years as my older, wiser cousin.  I really appreciate your input.  It has helped me a lot.  Though I have to admit that I still miss you!

Sandy:  When you look in on the conflict in Israel, and you see your family’s involvement in the terrible war with Hamas, what do you think?  How do you feel?  What is it like to witness that from the other side?

Raisha:  There is a softness that comes from being able to see the whole picture.  Once you understand that there is no ending, the fear disappears.  So much of our human pain was from fear.  I now know that each of my children and grandchildren are living out their own scripts.  They are playing the roles they need to play in order to learn their own lessons.  In some ways they chose it all, no matter how painful it appears to be.  When you are able to see how things work out, it’s much easier to understand.


Sandy:  Thanks Raisha.  I am thinking of you with love.

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