The other day I was helping out a neighbor who had just had a very involved dental procedure.  Somehow his body had grown a fourth molar which is one beyond the usual wisdom tooth.  My job was simply to babysit his dog so that he could get some needed rest after the surgery.

However, when I came to pick up the dog, the neighbor was pacing in excruciating agony.  The pain was so severe that he just couldn’t settle.  He hadn’t opted for the heavy duty narcotics, thinking he could use the middle range pain killers, but the pain was more than he could bear.  When he lamented that he couldn’t get through to his doctor, I offered that  in the mean time, as he kept trying to get through, I could try some energy pain relief measures, if  he wanted.  I explained that I could hold points that are similar to the points that are used in acupuncture  for pain relief.  I left with the dog and told him to call me if he wanted to give it a try.

 Five minutes after I got home, he called me back saying, “I’LL TRY ANYTHING !  Since every tooth is related to a specific meridian, I grabbed my tooth chart and a homeopathic remedy called Arnica before heading back to his house.  Arnica is used after trauma, or surgery. It can help with pain and bruising.

Note:  Because homeopathic remedies work on an energetic level, they are composed of highly diluted, usually undetectable amounts  of the original substance and they are generally considered safe to take in most circumstances.  I have personally used arnica after surgery with excellent results, and by diluting the pellets in a particular way, you can increase their safety as well as their effectiveness.

The first thing I did was mix a few pellets of homeopathic arnica in a glass of filtered water, and had him sit down and take sips as I tried to figure out which meridian to sedate.  Unfortunately my chart didn’t show  a fourth molar, so I decided to go with working on the energy pathway associated with the third molar, which was  the kidney meridian.  With pain, often the energy is stuck, and by holding specific points, relief can be accomplished.  I explained that that the points I would be using were on his feet, so we got his feet propped up and I got situated in a chair as I held the appropriate points.  At the same time, I used Silva meditative techniques to calm myself, and then used distance healing techniques to increase my healing intentions.  After holding the points , I worked in his field, (or with his aura) which is the energy surrounding his body.  I used crossover techniques and a pain relieving vortex clearing  technique near the painful area of his face.  I ended with waving eights near the painful area and then all around his body. Eights  can be very helpful all on their own.

When I was ready to leave, he reported that although he still had the pain, he felt very relaxed.  I told him that it will keep working so that’s a start.  He fell asleep after I left and several hours later he called me to say, “ It’s a miracle! I just woke up and THE PAIN IS GONE!” A few hours after that I saw him out mowing his lawn!

This neighbor is not someone who would ever believe in something that he couldn’t experience with the usual five senses and he could easily have been described as extremely skeptical.  People who know him agree, we had TWO miracles that day.  The first was that the wonderful Eden Energy techniques were effective, and the second miracle was that he let me try them on him!

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