Connecting with the trees

If you are someone who loves trees and you have the desire to connect more deeply with them, I invite you to try a fun experiment.  I learned this little game from Donna Eden.

Whenever you are walking  outside, simply notice the trees around you.  Look at each one as if you are scanning.   As your gaze shifts from one tree to another, see if you can feel the one that makes you smile.  Is there one that attracts you more than another?

Stop for a minute and give it your full attention .  Take in the image of the entire tree.  As you breathe in see if you can feel the energy of the tree coming into you.  As you breathe out send loving appreciation to the tree. To me it feels as if certain trees reach out and I can feel such beautiful energy, almost like an energetic hug. 

Even on a familiar walk, the tree or trees that energetically jump out changes from day to day.  Donna said she loves seeing which trees will “get her”each day.

I especially love doing this in winter, when it feels to me as if the trees have pulled in their core energy and their bare branches are so beautiful against the sky.  The more I play this game, the easier it is for me to feel the energy.

Sometimes when I forget to notice the trees, they start playing with me to remind me.

I am wondering,  are Donna and I the only ones who can  play this game, or can others?  Do you have to be especially empathetic toward trees?  Can only kinesthetic people experience this or do other sensory types get their connection in a different way?  If you would like to take part in this completely unscientific experiment, please send your results and thoughts by responding.

Thanks for your interest in this article.  I would love to hear about your experiences.  I especially love answering any questions that come up.  And if you are curious about how I became aware that I was an empath,

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Sending many blessings.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Sandy

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