When you don’t have time, don’t make time- take time

We all have so many things that we know would improve our lives, however there seems as if we just don’t have the time to do that yoga, or those exercises or that meditation.  The wonderful thing about energy medicine is that you can start balancing at ANY time, and even a few seconds helps.  So the trick is, instead of trying to squeeze one more thing into your day, start taking the time that you already have.  Use all those tedious, monotonous moments when you are waiting for something to happen.  Take charge, and use those times to MAKE something happen.

Here are just a few examples of times that you might  already have:

  1. In bed when you first lie down or when you wake up. It is very helpful to do even in the middle of the night.  It helps you make good use of your time and helps you fall back to sleep. Good exercises to try would be deep breathing and the zip up and hook up exercises.
  2. Waiting in the kitchen for water to boil or something to heat up. This is the time I like doing some tapping rubbing or thumping on points. In Eden Energy Medicine, this is the beginning of the daily  routine that quickly balances your energy. Those favorite points called the four thumps to stimulate are:
    • On the cheek bones under your eyes
    • Under your collar bone in the first indent closest to your breast bone
    • The center of you breast bone. Here you use a Tarzan-like fist thump. (not too hard, but hard enough to stimulate your thymus gland to help your immunity)
    • Tap gently all around your ribs, starting under your breasts and moving in a line until you are under your arms while staying on the ribs.
  3. While you are going on a walk:   This is the perfect time for doing your cross crawls that helps your energy cross over from right to left and left to right. I also often do the 3-2-1 technique to relax, center and tune in while I am walking.
  4. Whenever you are waiting for someone else. This is when I like to do grounding or connecting heaven and earth exercises
  5. While watching TV. This is the perfect time to give yourself a foot or palm rub or do head holds.
  6. Riding(NOT DRIVING) in a car. Tapping is easy and I also do Wayne cook, meditation and the four thumps.

Note: for more information on doing some of these exercises, check out chapters three and four in my book. 

Now it is your turn.  How have you used those boring monotonous waiting moments to help yourself?

One Comment on “When you don’t have time, don’t make time- take time”

  1. I love your idea of doing energy work while waiting for the water to boil for tea….that’s when I do my “pull energy up from the Earth Star and pull my energy down from the Sun Star and make my Stellar Diamonds. I can get quite a bit of energy work done just waiting for the water to boil.

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